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5 Tips for Super Fresh Salad Kits

January 22, 2018
It’s more than a bag, it’s a salad wizard! No magic spells required for fresh meals in a flash – simply seal in the freshness with Ziploc® brand bags and these easy meal prep tips!
  • 1

    Make a few of these salad kits at the beginning of the week and have an easy lunch or quick dinner on hand when you’re in a hurry.

  • 2

    To keep greens from getting soggy, add a folded paper towel to your Ziploc® brand large storage bag filled with washed, dried and chopped lettuce.

  • 3

    Keep crispy and crunchy ingredients separate from fresh and juicy ingredients with Ziploc® brand sandwich bags. Add pre-portioned toppings to the Ziploc® brand bag of greens.

  • 4

    Dressing on the side, of course. Toss in a Ziploc® brand extra small square container filled with your favourite dressing and give it a shake just before assembling your salad. Customise your salad with your favourite ingredients. From classic Caesar to kale and quinoa, these tips easily adjust to taste!